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Awards for contribution to the development of Bulgaria's infrastructure



Organizer: The City Media Group
objective of the initiative:
The development of Bulgaria's infrastructure is a fundamental factor in economic and social development, ensuring effective and sustainable transport, supporting balanced regional development and hasten the integration of Bulgaria in the European Economic Area.
On the occasion of the 10th edition of the conference "Strategic Infrastructure Bulgaria" The City Media Group established awards for contribution to the infrastructure of Bulgaria
The contest will review and make public the best of successfully completed projects in the following areas:
| Transport Infrastructure |
| Ecological Infrastructure |
| Industrial Infrastructure |
The special edition of the initiative will review the projects implemented in period 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2017; the main contractors (OPs and Beneficiaries), participants in the implementation of projects and every person may submit proposals for the best projects implemented within the main directions in this period.
During the initiative they will be reviewed and selected the most successful and significant  project realized in period for ten years from 2007 till 2017.
Projects that will participate in the initiative will receive public-professional evaluation and publicity by promoting good practices and achievements of the leading
companies and professionals in their realization.
The initiative is under the patronage of the Ministry of the Bulgrian Presidency of the EU Council 2018 and in partnership with the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Energy and with the support of the trade and professional organizations in the sector.
Projects, participants in the competition, will be considered by a jury composed of
representatives of the Operational Programme Transport, Regional Development and Environment, representatives of leading professional, academic and trade organizations in the sector and representatives of the partners of the project.
The criteria that will be taken into account in the assessment are: importance of the project for improving the social, environmental and economic development,
complexity of the project, its implementation within the agreed period, dealing with pre-set budget implementing innovative practices in management and implementation, innovative technological solutions leading to the modernization of infrastructure and services, and quality completion of the project.
The proposed projects are categorized into the following main categories defined accordingly to the functions and purposes of its implementation, namely:
• Projects related to the development of road infrastructure along the "main" Trans-european
transport network "
• Projects related to the construction of the railway transport system
• Projects related to improving inter-modality in the transport of passengers and goods and
development of sustainable urban transport projects related to sustainable development of the mass
public transport
• Projects related to the improvement of maritime and inland
• Projects related to innovation in management and service - introduction of modernized
infrastructure for traffic management, improving safety and security of
• Projects related to the construction of environmental water infrastructure
• Projects related to the construction of environmental infrastructure - landfills and waste
• Projects related to the construction and modernization of the urban environment
• Projects related to the development of tourism and cultural infrastructure
Eligibility criteria:
Right to participate in the competition have all projects completed in the period 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2017, which have the status:
• Final works - contracts whose actions have been implemented and completed, but not yet completed testing by the contracting authority;
• Completed - obtained in a final report and made final payment to the beneficiary;
• Under watch - concluded contracts having a fixed term commitments to the OP as a house built premises it can not
rented for the prescribed period;
• Closed - no contractual obligations. Contracts whose activities are completed and closed and completed inspections by the contracting authority
And that relate to infrastructure development in the Republic of Bulgaria in the respective categories.
Documents for participation:
2.1.Every applicant in the competition must complete a registration form for participation, which indicates the status of the project as well as implement the necessary documents for its certification and to pay a registration fee for an application.
The registration form must be applied on the behalf of the Contractor of the project.
The registration form must be completed in two copies - in Word and PDF format with signature and stamp of the proposer.
Nominations are open to projects completed or in the relevant status under the regulation of the awards in the period 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2017.
All documents for participation must be submitted by 17:00 on 15 February 2018 in two possible ways:
1. Address:
National competition "Infrastructure Bulgaria Awards" 2018
bul. "Acad. Ivan Ev. Geshov" 104 fl. 1, Office 1; Sofia 1612
tel .: 02/958 88 55 850 47 10 850 47 15
2. E-mail:
All applicants will receive an electronic confirmation by email after the successful submission of the documents. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 working days, please call to 00359 2 958 88 55,
Respecting valid applications received by 17.00 on 15 February 2018 inclusive.
Organizers are not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted in the form for the contest.
Documents and materials for the competition remain in the archives of the organizers.
It is recommended for the submitter of the the applcation to inform and coordinate it with the other key participants in the project - investor, designer, contractor.
Promotion of the applications:
Participants receive wide public attention through extensive print and television advertising campaign of the competition.
All projects with full representation, remain in the bilingual website (Bulgarian and English) of the contest -, and traditionally regarded as - the best Bulgarian conversions for the year from interested audiences worldwide. 
Submitted photos and texts of projects are published on the website of the contest -
All projects are presented by category with an image and information about the project developer, architect and contractor in the catalog "INFRASTRUCTURE BULGARIA AWARDS" 2018
All projects are presented in the week before the official ceremony in a special issue of Градът magazine weekly and online platforms of The City Media Group -,
Registration fee
Each applicant must pay a registration fee for an application.
After receiving the application the organizers sent an invoice, which gives detail for transfer of the registration fee.
The registration fee is non -refundable.
Application with unpaid registration fee by 15.02.2018 shall not be allowed to participate in the competition.
Jury and nominations.
All submitted applications are subject of judging by a competent professional and independent jury.
The jury has the right to appoint additional awards
The jury has the right not to determine a winner in a category ..
Official award ceremony
The winners in the competition are presented at the ceremony with a gala dinner on 20 March 2018, 7.30 рm at "Sofia Event Center" ("Paradise Center") Sofia, Bulgaria.
Additional conditions
objections regarding the jury's decision and determination of the nominees and winners are not accepted.
Each applicant in the competition is obliged to meet this regulation application and declare it in the form of participation.